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2014 Malaysian International Guitar Festival Ukulele Item Championship

2015 6th Thailand Ukulele Contest 2nd Place

2016 5tn Annual International Ukulele Contest 2nd Place

In the summer of 2009, Alvis met his ukulele.

In the spring of 2012, he practiced his very first tune “Let’s Dance”. Ever since, he was fascinated with the delicate, touching music played entirely by the ukulele.

In September, 2014, he took part in the 2014 Malaysian International Guitar Festival contest collaborated by Malaysian Tourism Bureau and the famous luthier, Jeffery Yong, and won the championship in the ukulele item. He also competed in the 6th Thailand Ukulele Contest and won the 2nd place and produced his first Original songs EP calledOriginin 2015.

In 2016 February, he went to Hawaii and took part in the 5tn Annual International Ukulele Contest and won the 2nd place. He published his first book Jay Chous Love Songs for Ukuleles [solo + duet]” in May.

In recent years appeared in Taiwan’s major ukulele festival stage, and invited to perform in the Taipei Arena, performance footprint is also step by step outward expansion, from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany , until Hawaii … and so on, and served as the 11th Annual Korea Aloha Ukulele Festival opening guests.

Creative style is also quite diverse, from lyrical to passionate, from small items to surging, Alvis is also ready to begin planning the next full original ukulele album, and is currently devoted in ukulele teaching and performing.