TONY LIU ( Zong Li Liu ) / 劉宗立

TONY LIU ( Zong Li Liu )  /  劉宗立

TONY LIU ( Zong Li Liu ) / 劉宗立

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Tony Liu is China’s first ukulele solo artist. He has great passion and love for the ukulele. To promote the ukulele lifestyle, music, and culture, he worked closely with aNueNue and Ukulele Media. Making ukulele music and giving ukulele lessons, Tony wants people in China to know that Ukulele is not just another musical instrument…………. It is a ukulele.

Tony is President of XingGuang Music School, established in Shanghai 2011 with over 3000 registered students. He has also work closely with China TV, Baidu Media and Web Ease, giving ukulele lessons both online and on national broadcast TV.

In addition, Tony is active in nationwide musical festivals in China, such as: Shanghai Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Ukulele Festival 3, and Shanghai Musik Messe. In 2013 he performed at the Thailand Ukulele Festival. He also released one of the BEST selling Ukulele Solo Books in China and Taiwan in 2013. In 2014, Tony won 2nd place at the Hawaii Ukulele Picnic Event, which was quite an accomplishment considering the caliber of players there.